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Lower School String Curriculum
Lower School String Program
Overview 2012

The Orchestra Program at the Greensboro Day School is thriving and growing!  We have offerings at every level and combine opportunities for semi-private and group Suzuki lessons as well as orchestral experiences!  We have two very able and talented teachers on our staff. Karen Collins teaches Suzuki violin and Middle School Orchestra, and Scott Walker teaches Suzuki cello and Lower and Upper School Orchestras. Both of these teachers are experienced and are very enthusiastic about their work here at GDS!

Suzuki Group Classes
We offer classes using the Suzuki Method from Kindergarten to Fourth Grade.  The students are in semi-private or small groups and meet twice a week during the school day.  The parents are involved during the lessons from the beginning, and become “home teachers.”  These students (and parents) are trained in the Suzuki manner, with the children learning to play by listening to recordings and imitating the teacher.  The students perform on a solo recital in the spring and in large and small groups at different times of the year.  Emphasis is placed on technique and ear training, and on developing a positive musical environment.  We teach the students to have respect for themselves, their parents and the teacher!  These classes are open to any student at any grade level, if the new students meet the playing requirements as established by the teacher.

Lower School Orchestra
During the third grade Suzuki classes, the students are taught the basics of note reading.  This is in preparation for these students to join the Lower School Orchestra (The LSO!)  The third graders join with the fourth and fifth graders and meet after school weekly on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:00. Directed by Mr. Walker, the Orchestra performs at the Holiday Concert in December and the Spring Concert at the end of the year.  This group works on beginning orchestra skills, including beginning note reading, following a conductor, playing in tune while reading music, and elementary music theory.  This group is open to students at the school who play a string instrument, and is not limited to students who take Suzuki lessons here.

Fifth Grade Strings
All fifth graders take a music class twice a week during school, choosing between Band, Chorus and Orchestra.  The fifth grade string students meet with Mrs. Collins for an ensemble experience and to work on more advanced orchestra techniques.  This class develops their own music and performs by themselves at the Holiday Concert and at the lower school closing. In addition to their 5th grade strings classes, these students participate in the Lower School Orchestra, which meets after school on Tuesday afternoons.
If you are interested in knowing more about our program, we would love to hear from you!  Ask for us at the school number: 288-8590 0r:

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